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    Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association is the organization, which represents Jamaican hotels, other visitor accommodations as well as most suppliers of goods and services to the tourism industry commonly know as "Allied" members.

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    To represent the interests of our members, foster their economic and professional growth while contributing to community development and the sustainability of Jamaica’s tourism industry.

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  • 1 JHTA Wants Greater Share Of Market For Small Properties
  • 2 JHTA Stands Firm In Support Of Jet Ski Ban
  • 3 JHTA: Airbnb Not Just A Small Man’s Hustle
  • 4 JHTA responds to Jamaica Observer Editorial entitled “Gov't must not fall into JHTA trap on short-term rentals"
  • 5 President’s Address delivered at the JHTA AGM on June 29, 2019 at the Hilton Rosehall Resort and Spa.
  • 6 Art And Tourism Have New Beginnings In Kingston
  • 7 Amaterra Group Breaks Ground For First 1,200 Rooms In Mega-Hotel Development For Trelawny
  • JHTA Wants Greater Share Of Market For Small Properties

    Omar Robinson, president of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA), is concerned that despite an influx of close to 2.5 million stopover visitors in 2018, smaller properties are still not cashing in on the nation’s multibillion-dollar tourism industry in a significant way.

    Robinson, who was speaking at the recent 58th annual general meeting (AGM) and convention of the JHTA, said that a marketing campaign was needed to help boost the earning potential in the industry, especially for smaller properties.

    “Small hotels continue to be the backbone of Jamaica’s tourism, and, as such, sufficient marketing programmes should be implemented to help improve the profitability of this sector,” said Robinson.

    “It must be noted that while our larger properties did extremely well, smaller properties continue to experience low to average occupancies, except during some peak periods,” added Robinson.

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  • JHTA Stands Firm In Support Of Jet Ski Ban

    With deaths and injuries resulting from jet-ski related accidents still fresh in many minds, the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) is standing resolute in its opposition to the lifting of the four-year-old ban on the popular watercraft.

    “The central issue is that jet skis have been proven to be extremely dangerous and have resulted in violent and tragic injuries and in far too many instances deaths,” said JHTA boss Omar Robinson while speaking at the association’s recent annual general meeting in Montego Bay, St James.

    Robinson noted that the operation of jet skis, especially unlicensed ones, caused major concerns several years ago when a nine-year-old girl was killed in an accident involving one of the watercraft.

    “Jet skis have been proven to be a most disruptive watersports activity in Jamaica,” said Robinson.

    “They have been used by licensed and unlicensed operators for uncontrollable solicitation of visitors as well as for the unchecked distribution and sale of drugs.”

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  • JHTA: Airbnb Not Just A Small Man’s Hustle

    With rates ranging from US$10 to US$4,140 per night, the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) is contending that local Airbnb-type operators cannot be considered as “just a small man’s hustle”.

    JHTA President Omar Robinson, in a stinging response to criticisms levelled against the association since it called for a minimum payment of tax by the shared economy, said that while the industry includes a number of small and modest properties, some facilities are very large and luxurious.

    Airbnb is an online platform that allows persons to arrange or offer lodging, primarily homestays, or tourism experiences.

    “Let us, therefore, dispel this view that Airbnb-type businesses are just a small man’s hustle! Some very significant businesses and individuals are invested in Airbnb-type ventures,” Robinson said in a media release on Thursday.

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  • JHTA responds to Jamaica Observer Editorial entitled “Gov't must not fall into JHTA trap on short-term rentals"

    JHTA responds to Jamaica Observer Editorial entitled “Gov't must not fall into JHTA trap on short-term rentals

    KINGSTON, JAMAICA, July 4, 2019 – The Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA) notes with concern the recent discussions on Social Media as well as in the print and broadcast media surrounding our position on the regulation of Airbnb and other types of accommodation-sharing platforms that operate here in Jamaica.

    Of particular note is the Editorial published in the Daily Observer of July, 4, 2019 which incorrectly asserted that the JHTA is attempting to “hijack the Government to straightjacket our competition”. Nothing could be further from the truth and is in fact an offensive overreach by such a respected newspaper. Competition is and should always be the name of the game in the tourism industry. Our members, small, medium and large, all compete everyday locally, regionally and internationally for their share of business.

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  • President’s Address delivered at the JHTA AGM on June 29, 2019 at the Hilton Rosehall Resort and Spa.


    Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism
    Mrs. Jennifer Griffith, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism
    Mrs. Patricia Affonso-Dass, President of the CHTA
    Mr Godfrey Dyer, Chairman of the Tourism Enhancement Fund
    Mr. Donovan White, Director of Tourism, Jamaica Tourist Board
    Dr Carey Wallace, Executive Director, Tourism Enhancement Fund
    Mrs Joy Roberts, Executive Director, Jamaica Vacations
    Vice Presidents of the JHTA – Mrs Carol Bourke, Ms. Vana Taylor , Mr. Robert Headley and Mr. Christopher Jarrett
    Members of the Council, Area Chairmen
    Past Presidents; Mr Wayne Cummings, Mrs Nicola Madden-Greig and Mr. James Samuels
    Executive Director, Mrs. Camille Needham
    Members of the Association
    Travel and Media Partners
    Other Distinguished Guests
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning.

    It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to our 58 th Annual General Meeting & Convention!

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  • Art And Tourism Have New Beginnings In Kingston

    At a time when the Government of Jamaica is seeking to increase the tourism offerings of Kingston, world-renowned visual artist Bryan McFarlane makes his contribution through the exhibition titled ‘New Beginnings’.

    The current exhibition is being hosted by hotelier Evan Williams as a launch of the Gene Pearson Gallery, located at the R-Hotel and named in honour of master sculptor, ceramist and teacher Gene Pearson who passed away a year ago. The R-Hotel, located on Renfrew Road in New Kingston, is operated by businessman and award-winning architect Evan Williams.

    Poised to enhance the face lift of the business hub of the metropolitan area, the exhibition breathes fresh perspective on Kingston at this time of the city’s development. Art lovers have another week to view the month-long exhibition, which ends on April 13 with a ceremony to be addressed by Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett.

    Williams explained that Professor Bryan McFarlane was chosen as “it was important to have an artist with international exposure, and Bryan is well known and exposed around the world”. Williams described the works as “Brilliant, reflecting the influences of McFarlane’s travels to Beijing, China, and other countries”.

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  • Amaterra Group Breaks Ground For First 1,200 Rooms In Mega-Hotel Development For Trelawny

    The Amaterra Group is to break ground tomorrow for the first 1,200 rooms of a multi-billion dollar integrated resort development in Stewart Castle, Trelawny.

    The integrated resort development project will be one of the largest in Jamaica. It will include the construction of 5,000 hotel rooms, an industrial park, an entertainment and shopping complex and various local amenities.

    Amaterra Jamaica Ltd, is a mixed-use land development company incorporated in Jamaica in July 2002 and is the master developer for the Amaterra Resort and related companies.

    Jamaican developer Keith Russell, a co-partner of Amaterra, said in an interview in December, 2013, that his project spanned 850 acres in Duncans, Trelawny, including 3.5 miles of beach, and has already secured approvals for development.

    "We have sub-division approval, beach development approval, and we are approved for a 2,200 room hotel and golf course. It is the only project that has all approvals," he said.

    The mega-hotel development falls under the Casino Gaming (Application for Declaration of Approved Integrated Resort Development) Regulations 2012 and the Casino Gaming (Prescribed Games) Regulations 2012.

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