Racers Grand Prix International Track and Field Meet in Jamaica Announced

On Saturday 11 June this year the world's finest runners, jumpers and throwers will gather at the National Stadium in Kingston for the first edition of the Racers Grand Prix Jamaica, which will be an annual international track and field meet. This was announced today by Glen Mills, head coach of Racers Track Club - the training base of several Olympic medalists, including the world's fastest man Usain Bolt.

Speaking at a press conference at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, Mills noted that the Racers Grand Prix will bring together more than 100 of the world's best athletes from more than 10 countries and will feature the best sprinters in the world, but will also showcase field events. The events to be contested are the following:

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JHTA Hails Expo Jamaica for Facilitating Economic Growth & Trade Opportunities in Jamaica

KINGSTON, JAMAICA, March 11-The Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association (JHTA) has hailed Expo Jamaica as a major vehicle for trade, investment and growth opportunities for Jamaica;ahead of its next staging slated for April 14-17. JHTA is a major sponsor of the event which is a staple on the local and regional scene for suppliers and buyers.

"This event is transformative for the country and the region bringing together people and ideas like few other opportunities can. The opportunities for linkages between key sectors of the Jamaican economy such as tourism, manufacturing, agriculture and the creative industries cannot be overstated" said Nicola Madden-Greig, President of JHTA.

A report entitled "The Role of Trade in Ending Poverty," points to trade as a key enabler in the economic growth and development of a country.Through Expo Jamaica scores of small, medium and large enterprises are given a chance to showcase their products and services to the region and to the international market with approximately 450 buyers expected for Expo 2016.

"Trade has played a vital role in driving private sector-led growth and job creation and has been a powerful force in reducing poverty and increasing incomes. By supporting growth and development of local businesses on the island, trade has proved to be an essential tool in tackling poverty and boosting the economy" said Greig.

Tourism generates approximately US$2 Billion in revenues annually and increased trade will also serve to impact the sector both directly and indirectly.

She believes that "A combination of the right practical support and domestic policies can make a big difference". By helping businesses to help themselves, it increases the likelihood that developing countries like Jamaica, can more actively participate in the global trading system and reap the benefits that trade has delivered to so many in the recent past."

Expo Jamaica is improving the capacity of the private sector to access domestic, regional, and international markets and to integrate small businesses into the supply chain. Sustained efforts have resulted in providing companies with a greater access to markets, with increased productivity, improved technologies, environmentally sound practices and application of best practices. It is hoped that the upward turn in economic activity will be sustained as the tides continue to change in the Jamaican market place.

JHTA Pumps $3 Million Dollars into Expo Jamaica

KINGSTON, JAMAICA, March 11-The Jamaica Hotel & Tourist Association (JHTA) has pumped $3 Million dollars into the upcoming staging of Expo Jamaica. This investment demonstrates the organization's commitment to building brand Jamaica through initiatives aimed at increasing trade opportunities for members of the various sectors.

"The JHTA has been an active participant in Expo Jamaica over the years and we are continually impressed with the high level of professionalism that has made the event a success as well as the benefitsthat our members have derived; as such we thought it was important to make an investment in this valuable service" said Nicola Madden-Greig, President of the JHTA.

She continued "The mere size and reach of the expo presents a unique opportunity for businesses thatchoose to participate allowing them to showcase their offerings to Jamaicans as well as international visitors including those from across the region".

Expo Jamaica facilitates international engagement which has become essential for countries in a globalized world.In a globalized economy, showcasing Jamaican business know-how, the strength and the high standards of our companies and the high standards of our products and services all serve to bolster our marketability and increases investor interest in our goods and services.

Kingston was recently designated a UNESCO creative city for music, which can help to not only boost exports in the traditional sectors but also the creative industries.

"The JHTA's participation and partnership with EXPO Jamaica 2016 is a win-win for both organizations. The JHTA obviously recognizes the important link between buying Jamaican and strengthening the local economy. A healthy local economy with high employment levels is a positive for the tourism sector. EXPO Jamaica is a great platform for both manufacturers and hoteliers" said Aswad Morgan, Co-Chairman -Expo Jamaica 2016.

Tourism Sector Gives Local Businesses Platform for Growth

MONTEGO BAY, JAMAICA, March 18-Local suppliers in the agricultural, manufacturing, entertainment, furniture, construction, medical and financial sectors all participated in the third staging of the Linkages Speed Networking Event jointly organized by the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association and the Ministry of Tourism on Thursday, March 17.

The event was conceptualized in an effort to enhance and deepen the linkages between the tourism sector (hotels, villas, restaurants, tour operators and transport providers etc) and other areas of the economy. The increased integration has already developedstrong linkages between tourism and other sectors.

Entertainment and the wider creative industry that was one of two sectors newly added to this year's line-up of suppliers got favourable responses. Joel Ryan, Group Manager of Entertainment at Sandals Resort International said "I thought the event was very successful. We were able to meet quite a few upcoming musicians and acts but also a lot of new suppliers to the industry.

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